Activities / Clubs

2020-2021 Dake Clubs


Advisor: Ms. Cox
Advisor Contact Information:
Meetings: 2nd Thursday of every month from 4:00-5:00 PM (Virtually) 
Description: Art Club is a place for students to hone their artistic skills and collaborate with other artistic friends. We foster creative problem-solving skills with a growth mindset and building our Dake community through art. Students in this club are positive, independent, helpful, enthusiastic, and hardworking. Please bring art to share, a creative mindset, and a positive attitude. We look forward to seeing you there! 


Advisor: Ms. Bayerl
Advisor Contact Information:
Meetings: TBD
Description: Students meet regularly to discuss a book agreed upon by club members, or a book of their choice. Each group decides upon the reading material, when and where, or how to meet, and how often. The library supplies the chosen books. Students are free to join a book club at any time. 

CHESS CLUB  (currently on hold)

Advisor: Mrs. Dormitzer
Advisor Contact Information:
Description: Chess club meets once a week to play chess for one hour. Students of all abilities are welcome. We also participate in four Interscholastic chess tournaments that are sponsored by the Rochester Chess Center. Typically, we host one tournament and travel to other Junior High Schools for the remaining three. 



Advisor: Mr. Schockow and Mr. Uebelacker
Advisor Contact Information:
Meetings: Training November 18 from 3:00-4:30 (virtually); meets as needed
Description: This is one of Dake's most long-standing clubs that allows club members to assist students in solving issues with other students. Training is provided to help the Dake Peer Mediators to function in this important leadership capacity.

We welcome all students to take the opportunity to apply to become a member of the Dake Peer Mediation Team for the 2020-2021 school year. We are always looking for trustworthy future leaders to handle situations between classmates in a positive manner. As potential situations arise, the counselors and advisors will set up meetings to solve issues that may develop between students. 

CULINARY CLUB (currently on hold)

Advisor: Mrs. Aratari
Advisor Contact Information:
Meetings: 1x Weekly starting in January, Tuesdays (Gold) & Thursdays (Blue)
Description: Students will prepare food during club meetings and take food home to cook. Sometimes meetings will include a food demonstration and the students will be given food packs of ingredients to cook at home. Culinary club is an extension of FACS class, for students who enjoy cooking and want to gain more experience in the kitchen. 

HISTORY CLUB (currently on hold)

Advisor: Ms. Brannigan and Mr. Reininger
Advisor Contact Information:
Description: The main component of the Dake History Club is a trip to Washington, DC at the conclusion of 8th grade. Participants in History Club are in 7th and 8th grade and will have multiple opportunities throughout the year to view relevant historical films and engage in rich historical discussions. Look for information on the morning announcements and posted notifications throughout the year. 


Advisor: Mrs. Pollet-Swidorski
Advisor Contact Information:
Meetings: Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays 3:00-3:30pm
Description: Morning Show is an introduction to the world of television news media, providing you with a behind the scenes look into the process of writing, producing, and airing a live TV broadcast. You will gain confidence in public speaking, learn how to operate a sound board and digital video camera, and receive hands-on experience directing a news show through digital editing programs, such as WireCast. If you've ever wondered how newscasters create a news program, then Morning Show is for you! 


Advisor: Mrs. Gittens and Ms. Spiro
Advisor Contact Information:
Meetings: TBD by advisor
Description: Natural Helpers is a peer-helping program that helps participants strengthen their communication and helping skills. The Natural Helpers program is based on a simple premise: Within ever school, an informal "helping network" exists. Students with problems naturally seek out other students, and occasionally teachers or other school staff whom they trust. The Natural Helpers program uses this existing helping network; it provides training to students and adults who are already perceived as "natural helpers". It gives them the skills they need to provide help more effectively to young people who seek them out.

The Natural Helpers program is designed to meet three basic goals:
1. To teach Natural Helpers effective ways to help their friends.
2. To teach Natural Helpers positive ways of taking good care of themselves.
3. To teach Natural Helpers ways to contribute to a safe and supportive school environment. 


Advisor: Ms. MaryBeth Lenzi
Advisor Contact Information:
Meetings: TBD by advisor
Description: Odyssey of the Mind has been the world's greatest creative problem-solving program since it's beginning in 1978 and has produced long-term open-ended problems that help cultivate divergent thinking.

Odyssey of the Mind (OM or OOTM) is a STEAM-based creative problem-solving program that allows students to work together and come up with a solution for one of six long-term problems. While the team works together to solve a problem of their own choice, each team member learns time and financial budgeting, important job skills, confidence, public speaking skills, product design and execution, resource management, teamwork, and much more. Odyssey of the Mind provides students with a place to learn today's creative problem-solving skills while having fun! 


Advisor: Mr. Kazukiewicz
Advisor Contact Information:
Meetings: Tuesdays 3:00-3:40pm
Description: Take part in the exciting world of robotics using Lego Mindstorms kits to build and program robots.


Advisor: Mrs. Bean and Mr. Rivellino
Advisor Contact Information:
Meetings: Wednesday nights, starting on January 6th
Description: The Snow Sports club is made up of 7th and 8th graders who ski and snowboard or want to learn. This is a wonderful opportunity to learn the lifelong fitness activity of skiing and snowboarding. Members consist of every ability level from advance to beginning.

We will be arranging transportation for five to six club trips to Bristol Mountain Resort, depending on the cost of bussing and number of members who join. The club trips will be on Wednesday nights, and start on Wednesday January 6th

Those interested in becoming a member should attend a brief informational meeting on Tuesday, October 27th or Thursday, October 29th  to receive necessary registration paperwork and meet with one of our advisors.


Advisor: Ms. Bayerl
Advisor Contact Information:
Meetings: Once a week (virtually); set by Ms. Bayerl
Description: A group of students that meet regularly to explore aspects of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and math in an informal setting. Students work individually or in groups exploring, experimenting, creating, inventing, building, and deconstructing to better understand and/or solve real-world problems. It provides students with the opportunity to use their imagination and exercise a growth mindset while practicing higher level thinking skills. 


Advisor: Ms. Brannigan and Ms. Hess
Advisor Contact Information:
Meetings: TBD by advisor
 Student Government is a great way to get involved in what is going on at Dake. Student Government organizes and hosts events such as the 8th grade dinner dance, Dake Spirit Weeks, and other creative ideas that come to fruition. This club is for anyone who wants to bring new ideas to Dake, bring a sense of community to the school and create a positive school culture through leadership. 


Advisor:  Mrs. Guido
Advisor Contact Information:
Meetings: 1st Tuesday of the month, last Thursday for the month (starting 11/3 & 11/19) 
Description: The purpose of the World Language Club is to foster an interest in and an understanding of world languages and their respective cultural traditions. World Language Club welcomes all students. 


Advisor: Mrs. Guido and Mr. Schockow
Advisor Contact Information:
Meetings: TBD by advisors
Description: The Dake Yearbook club meets on an as-needed basis, but the bulk of the responsibility this year will be handled by the advisors due to the COVID pandemic. As the year progresses and the crisis passes, we hope to have volunteer opportunities available for our enthusiastic and talented students to help create this volume of lasting memories.